Surfing in Rio

Updated on February 1, 2017

Ok so I have not picked up surfing while here in Brazil, but I have spend quite a lot of time chilling at the beach and checking them out hitting the waves. Here the other day a cyclone in the Antarctic pushed great masses of water up the South American coast. These water masses ended up hitting the coast along Rio and we had some quite spectacular waves – much to the joy of the surfers.
After having spend 20 minutes on the beach, my girlfriend and I decided to go back home and pick up the 7D and then get on down to Arpoador. This is a great urban surf spot very popular amongst the regular surfers and the body boarders. A great rock formation cuts trough the water and it is a perfect spot to watch the sundown over Ipanema. Below is the video I shot that day.

  • Justin Roberts

    Sweet video Thomas! Very nicely done. Perfect choice of backing track too.

  • thomasfals

    Thanks Justin – I am pretty happy about the outcome too.