My harddisk is making a clicking noise – what should I do?

Updated on November 8, 2016

The other day a friend called me saying that his external hard disk would not mount and it was doing a clicking sound. My friend is very capable sorting out computer problems on his own – the reason he called was because I have been trough the exact same problem before and he witnessed my weeklong attempt to salvage the broken disk. I am not going to go into detail about the tools I used, as this is not a tutorial as such.

In my case my disk failed to read properly and I had a hard time copying files out from the disk. I did after some time manage to get some files of the disk before it died 100%.

Don’t wait – backup now

So what is the morale? Backup your stuff and do it with Backblaze. I have talked about them before and I must admit I think it is a really cool tool. Backblaze works for Mac and PC and it is basically a small service running in the background all the time backing up your machine to the cloud. Backblaze is install and forget software and it is so super simple to use I cannot believe it.
Paying for backup is like insurance – no one really wants to do it. But think about how much you pay to insure your physical belongings? In that perspective $5 a month is a bargain for unlimited (yes unlimited) backup.

In case you need to restore from Backblaze you have 3 options:

  1. Download the files from the website
  2. Order DVDs with your content on
  3. Order a USB drive with your content on

That is pretty damn cool if you ask me!

I have been talking to my earlier mentioned friend about using Backblaze for backup before and it seems like he got the point this time and started the backup. It is funny how we all need to have a bad experience our self before we talk good free advise from other people.

So let’s try this one more time – go back up your digital life for $5 a month and make sure all your photos, videos, papers and work is safe. If you don’t – please don’t call me and ask how to get your stuff back :)

  • staureby

    Luckily i gave the harddisk to a friend who had a PC and an external case for a harddisk, and there it worked – so i was lucky.

    Backblaze is now running, halfway through 130 Gb.

    I hope this was the last reminder to remember to backup before you have a problem :)

  • Klaus Markussen

    Tak for tip. Backblaze ligger nu i min programmappe.