Free Aperture and Lightroom Presets

Updated on January 31, 2017

When Aperture 3 came out and introduced presets (about time) I started scouting the net for free presets. I quickly noticed that preset-sharing was far from organized. It was going on in large scale but it was very decentralized and non efficient from a user standpoint. Presets were shared on personal blogs, forums, mailing-lists etc. All this did was confirm my hunch that the photographer-community is one of the most sharing and caring one, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Since I have gone freelance as a web designer I all of a sudden have time for a personal project along with client work, and it was now obvious that my first project would be a preset community.

Hence Presetpond was born – the first online community for sharing Aperture and Lightroom presets. Everyone can download the presets posted for free. Registered user benefit from selfpromotion as they upload new presets to the base. These presets can then be rated and commented on by the community.

I have high hopes for the site, and time will tell if the community will remember to contribute and not only consume the free goods. This is a little social study as well.

Anyhow – if you are a photographer please head on over to and share some of your presets and get a couple of fresh new ones while you are at it.

  • Ian Urquhart

    Thanks very much for the link!